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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kerala Houseboat Tour – Let the Nature Date with You

Welcome to the land of sheer natural beauty and attractions. Welcome to Kerala a state in India where the blessing of God can be seen in the perfect combination of the nature, pleasant cool climatic conditions and for giving the people a lasting inner happiness.

Well Kerala is full of wonderments and it can be see as you visit this state and all of the wonderments depict their magnetizing charms which are beyond visual and verbal descriptions. Among all such attraction one is backwaters, globally famous as the backwaters of Kerala which are one of its kinds in the whole of the world. Backwaters are the prefect place to date with the nature or let the nature date with you to experince the sheer magnificence of the nature and its charismatic glory that never fails to impress the heart of the tourist who enjoy heavenly cruise over the scenic backwater in a traditional houseboats also lovingly called Kerala houseboat.

Kerala Houseboat

Enjoy the houseboat cruise one some of the popular backwater destinations like Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kuttanad, Kollam, Kovalam and see the several wonderments of nature in their perfect glory. In additional houseboats are provide all the luxury like hotels with luxurious rooms, attach bathroom, on board dining facilities and several other facilities that make the cruise truly heavenly and lifetime experience.

So what are you waiting for book one tailor made Kerala houseboat package to enjoy cruise on Kumarakom houseboat or Alleppey backwater or Kollam or Kasargod and enjoy the holiday in the bliss of Mother Nature in a delightful and memorable way.  

Welcome to God’s Own Country for holiday and more of all don’t miss to enjoy Kerala houseboat tours for whatever purpose you are visit this beautiful state Kerala. 


Travel Corporation India said...

The state Kerala, which represents just 1% of the land mass, is considered to be one of India's most beautiful state. It is a very rural state with most of the population living in villages but is culturally and scenically diverse. Kerala has two national parks, ten wildlife sanctuaries and two bird sanctuaries. Kerala backwater Tours Packages .